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Why doesn’t my UCID work?

The most common cause is mistaking “1” (one) and “I” (capital i).  Read your UCID carefully, and try replacing an “I” with a “1” or vice-versa.  We suggest that you copy your UCID from the email we sent to you and paste into the box on our download page.

Another common cause is typing the UCID with spaces or dashes between the characters.  The UCID “1111 - 11AA – AAAA” should be typed in as “111111AAAAAA.”

If neither of these solutions work, it is possible that the number generator caused an incorrect UCID to be sent or that the number checker is preventing a correct UCID from being validated.  Please contact us with your e-mail and UCID and an explanation of your difficulty.  We will determine why it is failing and make sure that you get your software.

How can I get in touch with Ducks in a Row, Inc.?

Use our contact form.